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Why Mylights?

Published on October 02, 2015

So…I’m asked a lot why we created Mylights. I mean there are lots of great tools out there for editing video like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. There’s even great software specifically for editing sports video like Hudl or Steva Sports.

Here’s the thing…I have 100’s of hours of video collected over two decades of coaching that I’ve never actually watched. Why? I mean there’s no doubt that video is one of the best teaching tools for coaches.

The reason is simple...I don’t have time. I’m just like the vast majority of other coaches and parents out there…I have a job that isn’t coaching hockey and I just don't have an extra two hours to edit every hour of video footage required by existing tools.

Games are long and there are just a few moments that matter. Even in a game as fast as hockey, the total plays that result in a goal are less than a minute combined in most games.

I needed a tool that took that was faster than watching the whole video. (We’ve built a tool that accelerates tagging of game video by 50%)

Even when I was able to edit video down to the highlights that mattered (from my perspective), that highlight reel was a final product incapable of being re-edited for the moments that matter to an individual parent or a teenage player. I care about systems and tactics; mom and dad care about sharing the big goal with grandpa; the player cares about sharing his sick move with his friends.

We built Mylights because we believe that every coach, player and parent should be able to save, share and celebrate the moments that matter in video.